High heels and cars?

High heels and cars? I would have thought you’d just take your high heels off while driving. I mean, what’s the point of keeping them on if no one can see your accentuated calves or butt? Well, according to an article on star.com, high heels are so popular, and so engrained in our culture, that other industry designers and manufacturers are now adjusting their products to accommodate heels.

Yep, it turns out that General Motors are adjusting the pedals on their cars to better suit women driving in high heels, by changing the tilt of the accelerator and brake pedals…although they won’t admit it because they don’t want to put potential male customers off!

How cars are being designed for women in high heels

Guess it shows how, to keep customers happy, you’ve got to give them what they want, right? And it seems that’s all General Motors are doing, following on from an experiment in 2002 when 100 male GM staff members wore skirts and stilettos, long fake fingernails and carried toy dolls in an attempt to experience their latest SUV from a woman’s point of view.

Although….I wonder what it might do to your car premiums, if an insurance company knew you were a serial stiletto wearer? Be Wiser Insurance in the UK has a page on its website specifically advising women not to wear high heels while driving. They cite research that shows over 80% of women wear inappropriate footwear while driving, and 10% of female motorists have had an accident or near miss as a direct result of the shoes they have been wearing. They also blame heels on the increasing number of deaths at zebra (pedestrian) crossings – wearing heels slows down your reaction time. Bad luck if you happen to be crossing when Sarah Jessica Parker comes down the road!

Driving in heels causes accidents

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